Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education (CASE)

Iowa leads the country in CASE certifications. The courses are developed using elements from pedagogical approaches that are recognized in educational literature as proven and effective modes of teaching and learning. This ensures validity for CASE methodology and provides the recipe for the effectiveness of the CASE model. The CASE model is a careful blend of time-tested instructional strategies used to guide students in their studies to meet the demands of post-secondary education and careers in the Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources (AFNR) industries. For more information, click here to visit the CASE website.



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Percentage of Iowa Programs with one or more CASE certifications

  • 2019: 84%
  • 2013: 42.9%
  • 2012: 16.0%
  • 2011: 11.3% 

The agricultural education program provides a well-rounded, practical approach to learning. Professional educators in the respective programs lead quality instruction to positively impact the lives of youth every day.